Enhanced Tech Apparel and Products (ETAP)

It is more than clothing; it is Enhanced Tech Apparel and Products (ETAP) with meaning. Improving our designs to better fit and perform for the "Heroic," athlete and individual is where the difference lies. We are continuously searching for ways to inspire others through the functionality of our apparel and products, so they can benefit from the technology and accomplish their purpose and/or aspiration in any type of condition. Worrying about how your apparel and products will perform isn't your job it's ours.


Types of Fit

Loose-Fitting garments are constructed from various types of microfiber enhanced weight fabrics. The designs of these garments are created to fit the body loose while providing extreme comfort and feel. These designs incorporate extra fabric into each of the garments, which provides for a spacious fit, resulting in maximum freedom of movement.

The Compression-Stretch microfiber enhanced fabrics contain a 4-way stretch that work like a body's second skin. The fabrics are very comfortable and constructed from light and medium weight fabrics, which make them ideal for wearing at work, during training or in competition.

Contour-Fitting garments are made with various enhanced fabric weights, which allow you to wear them in different conditions. These garments fit closely to the body but without the same restriction as compression-stretch garments.


Innovative Apparel
It all starts with the apparel or product concept but it's discovering the correct type of fabric or material to use which ultimately allows for the manufacturing to begin.

Making sure we use the highest of quality fabrics and materials is essential. Our research helps us to create and discover new and exciting innovative fabrics and materials, which lead us to finding new opportunities and designs for THADDEA to share with individuals. We know searching and gathering fabric and material samples may take some time and effort but it's these tasks and obligations that we relish so we can create apparel and products that will respond and be beneficial to you.

Cool-Evap (Evaporation)
Cool-Evap enhanced microfiber fabrics wick sweat away from the skin and transfer it to the garments exterior layer for quick evaporation, which helps keep you cool and dry when you sweat in the heat.

Ideal Conditions:
Made to wear in warm or extreme heat climate conditions.

Thermal-Evap (Evaporation)
Thermal-Evap fabrics help resist body heat loss and keep you warm and dry by transferring sweat to the exterior of the garment for rapid evaporation.

Ideal Conditions:
When temperatures go below 50 F, Thermal-Evap provides the insulation and comfort you need to keep warm.

Cotton(+)-Evap (Evaporation)
Cotton(+)-Evap fabrics are made with cotton or a combination of cotton and microfibers. These types of fabrics work like Cool-Evap fabrics and wick sweat away from the skin and transfer it to the garments exterior layer for quick evaporation, which makes them dry faster than original cotton.

Ideal Conditions:
Made to wear in warm or extreme heat climate conditions.


Creating Ideas
We know individuals have different criteria needs; we understand this and know it's our job to listen and learn from you so we can meet those requests. We at THADDEA want everyone to reach their fullest potential and aspirations. Our desire to help you achieve this goal is reflected in the Enhanced Tech Apparel and Products (ETAP) we produce and the inspiration they can provide.

We are continuously working with individuals to create solutions so we can help meet the needs of those seeking an advantage from their apparel or product while instilling a message of courage and bravery. Every step we take to improving THADDEA is done with a commitment from a team of individuals and an inspiration derived from the "Heroic."? This helps strengthen our relationship with those involved directly and indirectly with THADDEA, while along the way helping to create new and exciting opportunities and relationships with others.


ATAC and CAP Apparel
2014 THADDEA introduced two distinguishing product line names as a way to begin categorizing each product depending on its specific inspirational purpose. The ATAC (Awareness, Tactical, Agility and Conquer) apparel line was developed to demonstrate the relentless pursuit of individuals and athletes to excel and achieve toward their endeavors. The CAP (Combatant, Advanced and Performance) apparel line is considered the Company’s foundational line of apparel for THADDEA. It was inspired by the courage and bravery of those who sacrifice and protect us, the “Heroic.”

These two apparel lines are just further indication of THADDEA's continuous mission to inspire individuals to personify their courage and bravery with the use and infusion of Enhanced Tech Apparel and Products with the brand and symbol of courage and bravery...THADDEA.