In 2005, THADDEA (Thad-dea) began with a vision, to convey a message of Courage and Bravery through the use of Enhanced Tech Apparel and Products (ETAP), the brand that epitomizes the "Heroic" but illustrates the determination of an athlete.

Our inspiration derives from the spirit and sacrifice of our nation's military heroes who along with those who serve and protect others. These individuals epitomize the courageous and brave characteristics embodied within us all. We believe it is the courage and bravery individuals possess within that leads to their accomplishment. There is no other brand on the market that can express this message. THADDEA is the symbol for courage and bravery; the symbol individuals can seek for inspiration.

The principles, which THADDEA adheres, are the foundation, which provides the enthusiasm and passion within the Company. Knowing those wearing THADDEA apparel and products are embracing a meaning of inspiration is exciting and makes us fortunate and proud.

No longer is courage and bravery just an ideal, it's a physical symbol individuals can embrace and wear. THADDEA is the branded sports apparel pioneer for the "Heroic." THADDEA is the first global brand and symbol of Courage and Bravery.