THADDEA is more than Enhanced Tech Apparel and Products (ETAP)...it is the courage and bravery we find within ourselves. We believe all individuals are born with courage and bravery though display it in their own purposeful way. At any second, adversity can arise and it is in this moment that we exemplify our courage and bravery. For the THADDEA brand it begins with our nation's "Heroic" military personnel and transcends to all individuals because we are all THADDEA.

We would like to know your Courageous and Brave moment. Let us hear your story, whether if you are military personnel, law enforcement officer, firefighter, athlete or someone who just epitomizes the THADDEA meaning. Your stories are an inspiration to us and others. Send us an email to [email protected]  so we can share your story with on our social media sites.

Embrace your courage and bravery and unleash your abilities with THADDEA.