In 2005, THADDEA (Thad-dea) began with a vision, to convey a message of Courage and Bravery through the use of Enhanced Tech Apparel and Products (ETAP), the brand that epitomizes the "Heroic" but illustrates the determination of an athlete.

Our inspiration derives from the spirit and sacrifice of our nation's military heroes who along with those who serve and protect others. These individuals epitomize the courageous and brave characteristics embodied within us all. We believe it is the courage and bravery individuals possess within that leads to their accomplishment. There is no other brand on the market that can express this message. THADDEA is the symbol for courage and bravery: the symbol individuals can seek for inspiration.
The principles, which THADDEA adheres, are the foundation, which provides the enthusiasm and passion within the company. Knowing those wearing THADDEA apparel and products are embracing a meaning of inspiration is exciting and makes us fortunate and proud.

No longer is courage and bravery just an ideal, it's a physical symbol individuals can embrace and wear. THADDEA is the branded sports apparel pioneer for the "Heroic." THADDEA is the first global brand and symbol of Courage and Bravery.


The inspiration for creating the "Courageous and Brave" emblem began with a trip to New York City. The idea behind the design was to create an emblem that embodied two main criteria features, simplicity and boldness. Arriving to a final conclusion on the emblem took time. Many aspects went into finalizing the emblem, but after several months of developing numerous sketches, the criteria needed for the THADDEA brand became apparent in one of the designs.

The design that derived from those sketches is now the distinguishing Courage and Bravery emblem of THADDEA.


THADDEA is more than Enhanced Tech Apparel and Products (ETAP)...it is the courage and bravery we find within ourselves. We believe all individuals are born with courage and bravery though display it in their own purposeful way. At any second, adversity can arise and it is in this moment that we exemplify our courage and bravery. For the THADDEA brand it begins with our nation's "Heroic" military personnel and transcends to all individuals because we are all THADDEA.

We would like to know your Courageous and Brave moment. Let us hear your story, whether if you are military personnel, law enforcement officer, firefighter, athlete or someone who just epitomizes the THADDEA meaning. Your stories are an inspiration to us and others. Send us an email to [email protected] so we can share your story with on our social media sites. Embrace your courage and bravery and unleash your abilities with THADDEA.


Inspire individuals to personify their courage and bravery.


M. Scott Tallent - Founder, President, CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors

In 1999 Mr. Tallent graduated from the University of Tennessee with a B.S. in Human Ecology - Marketing/Business. After college Mr. Tallent began his career working in the title industry as an abstractor but knew he wanted to be involved in the apparel industry. Mr. Tallent had always had a passion for sports and a great admiration for our nations military personnel. What he recognized was the apparel industry lacked a brand that represented our nations military personnel while at the
same time could capture the will and determination of an athlete. In 2004 the search began to create an apparel brand that would possess a meaning that reflected the characteristics embodied by these individuals while able to provide enhanced tech quality. Mr. Tallent's pursuit led him to discover the name THADDEA and in 2005 the Company was formed, which is now known as the brand of courage and Bravery.

David C. Lawrence - Senior Vice President of Operations & Director

Sports and fashion has always been a part of Mike's life. He graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelors and Master Degree in Business Marketing. Mike played collegiate football at Kansas State University, in the NFL European League, GFL and various Arena Leagues. Mike lived in Germany for a period during his professional playing career and during his time in Germany he learned to speak German and founded his own clothing company M. Laurenz Fashion. This is where he learned firsthand the business aspects of starting a company. The experience Mike has in the apparel industry covers a span of over 15 years. These valuable skills Mike has learned through his experiences are tangible qualities, which he used during his time as a former High School head coach and as the wide Receivers coach/Special Team Coordinator at Bethany College, Kansas. We are proud to have Mike as a part of the THADDEA Unit because he is a person that exemplifies integrity and the characteristics that represent THADDEA.


The concept behind the Company begins with the name. When the search began to establish a name for the Company the main criteria of the name had to consist of characteristics that epitomized the "Heroic" and exemplified individuals. A distinctive name, one that would illustrate the human spirit and what derived from the search was the name "THADDEA".

The word THADDEA originates from the language of the Greeks. Its meaning symbolizes the spirit, heart and determination of every individual when faced with adversity; it is what we aspire to be..."Courageous and Brave." At THADDEA We believe everyone has the characteristics of courage and bravery embodied within them. This belief is the guiding principal behind the vision of THADDEA.


Kris "Tanto" Paronto

Team THADDEA: 5/22/2017 - Current
Kris Tanto Paronto, is one of the surviving members of the 2012 Benghazi attack and subject of the best seller book and movie, 13 HOURS: THE SECRET SOLDIERS OF BENGHAZI, known as 13 Hours. Mr. Paronto joins THADDEA as a former Army Ranger from 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment whose service in the US Army National Guard propelled him to reaching the rank of Sergeant then becoming a commissioned officer in 2003. Mr. Paronto started contracting for Blackwater Security Consulting in 2003 until 2013 before contracting directly with the State Department and Central Intelligence Agency. He's an extraordinary patriot with the courageous and brave attributes THADDEA hopes to inspire others to achieve for themselves. His courage and bravery are unquestionable and his passion for life and fitness are a true inspiration that embodies the core structure of THADDEA.

Nate Boyer

Team THADDEA: 12/11/2017 - Current
Nate is one of the great men and women who have served our country in the U.S. Military Forces. To many he would be regarded as a renaissance man but we see him as more...a unifier. Nate joins THADDEA as a former Green Beret, collegiate football player with the Texas Longhorns and professional athlete with the Seattle Seahawks. In 2005 he enlisted in the Army and earned the coveted Green Beret status in 2006. Nate served his tour of duties in Iraq and Afghanistan and completed a number of JCET (Joint Command Exchange Training) missions in Israel, Bulgaria, and Greece. Natels background is one of many accomplishments that have not only been achieved through his courage and bravery but with his belief that Anything is possible. This belief is a key reason Nate has continued his success as the Co-Founder of the organization Merging Vets and Players. The organization is helping to unite Military Veterans and athletes, two areas Nate has first-hand knowledge though uniquely different experiences. Nate is the personification of the THADDEA brand.