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Please review our size charts to help you determine the proper clothing size that fits you best.

Innovative Apparel Information

Innovative Apparel represents the enhanced tech apparel names used in THADDEA's apparel lines. These names can be found with each product that contains Innovative Apparel along with a description of the technology to help you better determine your needs.

Wash and Care Instructions

To help your THADDEA apparel and products stay looking new and perform even longer then it's important to follow washing instructions. These washing instructions will be found on the care label of each individual apparel or product. Below are some guidelines for washing:

Thaddea - Size Chart
Thaddea - Size Chart
Color of Product

Once you receive a product, you may find that the color of the product is different from what was shown on your screen. Color monitors have different color settings, which can cause a variation of how colors appear on monitor screens. This could have been the difference between what was shown on the site and the actual product you received. If you need any further information then please contact us.

Customer Help



Emails are returned within 2 business days.
How do I take care of my THADDEA clothes?
  The best way to take care of your clothes is to follow the care instructions on the garment. If you are unsure about the care instructions found on your garment then please review our wash and care instructions chart.
What does THADDEA mean and how do I pronounce the name?
  The word THADDEA comes from the Greek origins and literally translates to mean courageous and or brave. THADDEA is pronounced Thad-dea.

To learn more about THADDEA go to and visit THADDEA CO.
What is the difference between Sign Up and Register?
  THADDEA gives you the option to Sign Up or Register at When you Sign Up we only ask for your email account so we can provide you with information and other THADDEA promotions only to your email account. If you choose to Register then you will need to provide your name, address information, date of birth and your email account. When you Register you get the same benefits as when you Sign Up plus you will receive access to your personal account where you can check your order history, track the status of an order and make changes to your account information.
When was THADDEA founded?
  The THADDEA name was trademarked in October 2004. In September 2005 THADDEA, INC. filed the Articles of Incorporation with the State of Tennessee and began using the name in commerce.

To learn more about THADDEA go to or visit THADDEA CO
Why can't I access the THADDEA website?
  If you are having problems accessing the THADDEA site then please check your browser settings.
How do I contact you?
  THADDEA wants to help make your shopping experience at as easy as possible by answering questions you may have about our site. Please take a look at the questions and answers below and see if they help answer your questions. If you do not find the answer you need about THADDEA services or products then type in keywords or phrases in the "Search" window or email us at [email protected].

There are several ways you can contact THADDEA; via email, phone, mail or fax.

Email: Any questions you have about our site features or the status of an order you placed can be submitted to us via email. If you want to change an order then please contact us by phone or email.

Customer Help

[email protected]
Emails are returned within 2 business days.

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