Please review our size charts to help you determine the proper clothing size that fits you best.

Innovative Apparel Information

Innovative Apparel represents the enhanced tech apparel names used in THADDEA's apparel lines. These names can be found with each product that contains Innovative Apparel along with a description of the technology to help you better determine your needs.

Wash and Care Instructions

To help your THADDEA apparel and products stay looking new and perform even longer then it's important to follow washing instructions. These washing instructions will be found on the care label of each individual apparel or product. Below are some guidelines for washing:

Color of Product

Once you receive a product, you may find that the color of the product is different from what was shown on your screen. Color monitors have different color settings, which can cause a variation of how colors appear on monitor screens. This could have been the difference between what was shown on the site and the actual product you received. If you need any further information then please contact us.

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